Agricultural Investment 

Though Agriculture has been the backbone of our country, there are lots of hardship farmers have to face. Due to which farmers migrate to city abandoning their lands.
Off late we are seeing lot of interest in the food sector and many from the IT sector have jumped into agriculture. This has led to some innovation and adoption of modernisation in the Agriculture sector.

If you are one of those who is interested in Agriculture and have some innovative ideas along the food chain which you think can be disruptive and bring about huge returns. Then you can get in touch with us to take it forward

If you are an IT person and want to get back to Agriculture or just want to have your organic farm. Surplus ventures has many initiatives that make it possible, tell us about your interest here.

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  1. Assistance to design, implement and evaluate investment on agriculture and rural development.
  2. Technical support to leverage additional investment.
  3. Analyse the trends and impacts of foreign agriculture investment procedures
  4. Efficiency in Economic, Social and Ecological sustainability.
  5. Pre acquisition and acquisition service.

Agricultural assets are unique amongst resource investments they will continue to produce valuable commodities in perpetuity. They are an important component of the capital base of most large economies, yet constitute a tiny fraction of the average investor’s portfolio. In the coming decades the demand for farmland and the commodities it produces will exceed any other period in history by a significant margin. Agriculture always represents an enormous opportunity for investors, both in terms of the sheer untapped scale of the asset class and the returns agricultural investors are likely to realise in the coming years.

If you would like to have a preliminary know how about an agricultural asset, please feel free contact us. Our aim is to fulfil your own investment objectives.

Click here to find out more about the Investment plans and our team, shall guide you to enhance total returns and reduce overall risk and volatility within a diversified investment portfolio.

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