Startup Support 

Startup journey is a very challenging one with entrepreneurs facing difficulties majorly in one or more of these areas, financial, technical, managerial, networking or business knowledge. As a result great ideas will diminish and fade away without realizing the potential. But sooner or later you will see the same ideas successfully realised by other startups.

Surplus ventures provides support to startups and entrepreneurs in the following areas

Office for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Surplus provides office cubicles, meeting rooms with internet facility at a very affordable cost. This office space creates a forum to meet other entrepreneurs who are in the same phase.It also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate if required.Contact us now for your office space requirement.

Financial Support

Surplus ventures provides you the financial support that is required to give you a launch and make your idea operational. The terms of this support would be in mutual agreement. Contact us now.

Technical Support

You may have a great idea but do not have the technical expertise to take it forward. Or you may be concerned about the confidentiality. Surplus ventures can provide you the technical team and support that is required for the implementation, while you can personally oversee the whole process. Again the  terms of this support would be in mutual agreement after signing up the NDA or other documents as required. Contact us now.

Managerial Support or Business Development

In case you have a product or can build a product yourself and need support and need assistance in Marketing and business development. Surplus ventures will work with you in business development, sales and marketing, manpower and other resourcing as required.The terms of this support would be in mutual agreement. Contact us now.

Student Startups

In case you are a student and have a brilliant project / idea and you want funding and other support to make it big. Surplus Ventures team of experts can help you with complete guidance and financial support that is required for your project. Get in touch with us.

Investors who are interested in startups

Surplus ventures provides you an excellent opportunity to invest in the startups. There are several startups taking off everyday and turning into huge success. Surplus handpicks the startups that have the right potential and think it can make it big in the real world. You could invest and be part of such startups and eventually enjoy its exponential returns.


Investments need not be Big!!.

Surplus ventures encourages small time investors as well to be part of startup support. Call us now to know how you can be part of a bigger game.